If you have insurance:

When your account is received in the office, the insurance information furnished to us by the facility is reviewed and recorded. Before a bill is sent to you, we will already have submitted a claim to the insurance company name and address provided on the facility admitting record. With the exception of Medicare, nearly all insurance payments will be sent to us directly. If information regarding a second insurance was provided, we will bill them upon receipt of the primary carrier’s payment. Any bills sent to you during this period are ‘FYI’ (For Your Information) only. If you feel the insurance data furnished to us may not be current, please notify us as soon as possible.

Medicare patients:

Because the Medicare allowance for anesthesia services is far below that of other medical specialties, we do not participate in the Medicare assignment program. Our claims to Medicare are usually submitted on a non-assigned basis, and the Medicare payment will be sent directly to the patient. If you have not authorized Medicare to bill your second insurance directly, and you would like us to do so, you need only send us a copy of the Explanation of Medicare Benefits which is enclosed with the Medicare payment, plus the billing information for your second insurance, and we will be happy to submit a claim for you.

Insurance contracts:

We contract only with the following organizations:


  • Blue Cross of California - Prudent Buyer Program


  • Palo Alto Medical Clinic

If your surgery is not covered by insurance:

Special arrangements are available for payment of anesthesia services rendered during surgical procedures which may be determined by your insurance company to be "not medically necessary". Please feel free to discuss these arrangements with your surgeon prior to the surgery, or call our office at (650) 323-0617 if you have any questions. We are always happy to discuss any concerns you may have about our billing and payment procedures.

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