In recent years, a increasing percentage of routine surgical care is being delivered on an outpatient basis. The Associated Anesthesiologists Medical Group has offered this type of care for many years in outpatient surgery facilities at Stanford Medical Center, as well as at many free-standing surgery centers in our community. In addition, we provide a unique anesthesia service for the pediatric and adult outpatients requiring intravenous sedation for procedures in dental and medical offices. This service is utilized by oral surgeons, dentists, periodontists, endodontists, ear nose and throat surgeons, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists that wish to treat their patients in the office rather than at an outpatient surgical center. This type of anesthesia is safely provided in the offices by an experienced, board certified, M.D. anesthesiologist. He or she remains in constant attendance of the patient during the procedure using state of the art, noninvasive monitoring and intravenous sedation. Special equipment and drugs are on site at all times to aid in dealing with any possible anesthesia related emergency. The anesthesiologist remains in attendance until the patient is awake, stable, and ready for discharge.

The anesthesiologist is notified well in advance by the dental or medical office when this type of anesthesia service may be required. The anesthesiologist then contacts the patient by telephone to discuss the general medical health of the patient and the details of the anesthesia procedure. The discussion includes a description of the drugs used and their possible side effects, monitors used, special eating and drinking instructions, and any other concerns raised by the patient. If the patient’s general medical condition is appropriate for office-based anesthesia and the patient is agreeable to the plan, the appointment is then scheduled with the dental or medical office.

Payment for the anesthesia care is usually collected separately from the dentist’s or surgeon’s fee, and is collected on the day of the procedure.

This office-based anesthesia service has become quite popular among patients, dentists, oral surgeons, and other medical practitioners in our community. We are proud to be one of the very few anesthesia groups in the area to offer this unique anesthesia service.
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