The Associated Anesthesiologists are the oldest existing anesthesiology group in the Palo Alto area. Established in 1949 as a clinical team serving the Palo Alto Hospital, the Associated Anesthesiologists were part of the original staff of the Palo Alto-Stanford Hospital in 1959 when the Stanford Medical School moved to Palo Alto from San Francisco. In 1962 the group’s name was formally changed to the Associated Anesthesiologists Medical Group (AAMG).

Members of AAMG are private practitioners - all certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology - who provide anesthesia care without relying on nurse anesthetists, anesthesia residents, or interns. The AAMG physician is present from the preoperative room, throughout the entire surgery, until the patient is transferred to the recovery room after waking from anesthesia.

The anesthesiologists of the AAMG work with over one hundred private practice surgeons in the Palo Alto area, specifically those surgeons who are neither part of the Palo Alto Clinic, nor employees of Stanford University School of Medicine.
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